Struggling to PayWe are here to help.

If you are having problems in paying your rent, please let us know as soon as possible.

Our housing officers monitor rent accounts on a weekly basis. In order to agree the best way for you to clear your rent arrears, your housing officer will want to understand your circumstances. Any agreements made will be based on the money you have coming into the household and how much you owe in unpaid rent.

Try not to feel worried or embarrassed to talk to us about any financial difficulties you are having, we can provide you with advice and information on any benefits you may be entitled to and can also refer you to other agencies that may be able to help.

We can arrange for you to see our dedicated debt and benefit advisor from Community Law Service who can provide:

  • Free confidential and personalised advice about your financial situation
  • Help in identifying the most important debts you have and how best to deal with them
  • Information on basic bank accounts and low cost loans
  • Advice on benefits

All information you share with the debt and benefit advisor is completely confidential and will not be shared with RFH

The Money Advice Service has lots of useful tools to help you manage your money, Click here to take a look at their website.

money advice service

If you are still struggling with keeping on top of bills and rent payments, then you may want to consider moving to a smaller, cheaper property. There is help available with some of the costs of moving. Please speak to your housing officer, or visit the mutual exchange link by clicking here.

Failure to make or keep to any agreement put in place will result in court action against you, which may end in the termination of your tenancy.

Remember we are here to help you, rent is a priority debt and it is easier to solve the problem at an early stage rather than allowing the situation to spiral out of control.