Mould & DampMould grows in damp enclosed areas and can especially be a problem in rooms which contain a lot of moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

How to reduce mould in your home

Mould can be a real problem, but can be avoided by following some of our simple tips:

  • Keep the trickle vents on your windows open all the time.
  • Keep internal doors open.
  • Keep gutters clear.
  • Make sure your home is heated.
  • Clear up condensation on and around windows and toilet cisterns.  Even double glazed windows can get condensation on them in winter months.
  • Keep furniture etc. away from exterior walls, especially those older homes without cavity walls.
  • Wipe down any areas prone to mould in the bathroom after everyone’s had their baths and showers.
  • You also need to leave extractor fans on all the time – they measure moisture levels in the air and will remain on as long as the air is damp.

It can be very difficult to resolve mould in your home using mould treatments if the conditions for mould growth aren’t changed.