Each year we spend in the region of £600,000 on major works programmes, around 18% of our turnover.

How is this money spent?

Major works programmes include the replacement of:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Roofs
  • Windows and external doors
  • Boilers
  • Electrical System upgrades


 Investment in your Home

How do we decide where and how we need to spend the budget?

We are focused on ensuring all our properties continue to meet the government’s Decent Homes Standard. This is the minimum standard your home should meet; we aim to exceed this standard when we carry out all major works.

You can find details of the Decent Homes Standard by clicking here .

We carry out a 5-year rolling programme of ‘Stock Condition’ surveys, which help us to gather detailed information about every single element of our properties.

Surveys are carried out by a qualified surveyor who will visit by appointment and carry out an in- depth survey of the condition of every element in the property, such as kitchen and bathroom, roof etc.

The information collected includes suggested replacement dates for all items relating to the property based on age, condition and lifespan.

Please note that component replacement dates are only an indication of work that may need to be carried out.

Data from our ‘Stock Condition’ Surveys is uploaded onto our property database and is used to help us form our medium and long term investment plans.

How is the work scheduled?

We have organised all of our properties into 5 geographical zones, focusing most of the major works programmes within one particular zone per year. This enables us to deliver the major works programmes in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We do however have some flexibility to deal with urgent cases that cannot wait until the next scheduled major works programme in that particular zone.

Programmed Works

As well as making significant investment in our properties through our major works programmes, we also have a schedule of maintenance, services, tests and inspections to keep you safe in your home and maintain the condition of our properties.

Some of these checks are mandatory, which means we must carry them out by law. It is a condition of your tenancy that you must allow our contractors into your home to carry out the work.

We may have to take legal action if you do not allow us access to do the work.

Maintenance Type Frequency
Gas appliance servicing and safety check Every 12 months
Electrical system tests Every 10 years
External decoration Every 5 years
Fire Risk Assessments in communal areas (blocks of flats) Every 3 years with annual review
Fire Safety checks in communal areas (blocks of flats) Monthly
Stock Condition Survey Every 5 years

We will contact you in advance to arrange an appointment to carry out programmed maintenance (as and when required).