iStock_000019670902_SmallNine major banks have launched fee-free basic bank accounts. The accounts are truly fee-free, helping people to manage their money without fear of running up an overdraft.

The changes remove the risk that basic bank account customers will be forced into overdraft because of these fees and charges.

Basic bank account customers will now also be offered services on the same terms as other personal current accounts that the banks provides, including access to all the standard over-the-counter services at bank branches and at the Post Office, and access to the entire ATM network.

The banks and building societies that have signed up to offer a basic bank account are Barclays, Santander, Nat West, RBS, HSBC, Nationwide, Co-op, Lloyds TSB, Yorkshire and Clydesdale.

Simple Bank Accounts

If you would like to manage your bank account more effectively and prevent any bank charges, we have joined up with a credit union to offer bank accounts that provide assistance with budgeting. Click here for more information.



Northants Credit Union

A credit union bank account can help you to manage your outgoings, making sure that all important bills are paid and that you never spend money allocated for bills, therefore helping you to prevent bank charges.

If you are interested in a credit union bank account, please contact us for more information.