Looking for WorkIf you are unemployed and looking for work, the Government has set up a range of schemes to help you.

In addition, these interactive modules have been created by the Department of Work and Pensions to help people looking for work.

If you are looking for work and making a claim for Universal Credit, your Universal Credit award cannot start until you (and for a couple both claimants) have agreed to accept your claimant commitment.

For couples, if either of you refuses to accept your own personal claimant commitment, the claim for Universal Credit cannot start.

What is the claimant commitment?

The claimant commitment outlines what the claimant must do to be able to claim and continue to receive Universal Credit. For many claimants it will outline the work related requirements linked to their claim – these vary from not having to do anything to full job search. For all claimants it will detail what changes in circumstances they must report, how quickly and what will happen if they don’t do this. Even some people who work will be expected to look for better paid work or longer hours if they are earning below their ‘earnings threshold’.

If the claimant (or their partner) fails to comply with requirements outlined in their claimant commitment then their Universal Credit award is sanctioned ie they get less money in their Universal Credit payment for a period of time.

The following links may help you in your search for employment

http://los.direct.gov.uk/default.aspx – follow this link to find your nearest local job centre

http://www.evolveyourfuture.co.uk/ – for advice, support and guidance on preparing yourself for work and finding work

https://www.learndirect.co.uk/improve-your-job-prospects/help-getting-job/ – on line assistance to help you get a job

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/work/self-employed-or-looking-for-work/government-employment-schemes/ – details about local Government employment schemes

https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/help-for-young-people/programmes?gclid=CPO63-OOwMkCFesBwwodKB0JoA – courses, enterprises and training for 13-30 year olds