Please note that the repairs priorities have changed from January 2017.

As your landlord, we are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the structure of your home. 

There are some repairs, however, which are the tenant’s responsibility. Please refer to your tenant handbook for full details. 

Our Repair Priorities 

All repairs reported to us are put into one of 3 categories to ensure that the most serious repairs are carried out first. Please note: tenants that miss appointments or cancels an appointment on the day, you will then need to report the repair again through the customer services team.

Emergency Repairs: Carried out within 24 hours

An emergency repair is one which threatens your health, safety and security or could cause serious damage to your home if not attended to straight away.  

Whilst the contractor may initially only be able to carry out a temporary fix, a full repair will be carried out as soon as possible.  

Examples of emergency repairs include:

  • Serious flooding or leaks – but if your drains are blocked or damaged please contact Anglia Water on  03457 145145
  • Total loss of water supply
  • Total loss of electrical power or lighting
  • Unsafe lighting or electrical system
  • Blocked toilet (where there is only one toilet in the property)
  • Leaking roof (weather permitting) or pipes
  • Insecure external doors
  • Loss of heating or hot water*

*heating repairs are only classed as an emergency in the winter months between October 1st and April 1st for all households that include a vulnerable person. A vulnerable person is classed as someone who is elderly, physically disabled or under the age of 5.

For those tenants who are elderly, physically disabled or those with young children, discretion over other repairs will be applied by our Customer Services Officers if a proven need is identified. 

Routine Repairs: Carried out within 20 working days.

Routine repairs are faults that may cause minor inconvenience and do not fall into the emergency category. 

Examples of routine repairs include:

  • Internal door repairs
  • Small plaster repairs
  • Faulty or broken windows
  • Leaking gutters and dripping overflows
  • Faulty taps

Planned repairs: Carried out within 30 working days 

Planned repairs are what we consider non urgent repairs that can be packaged together, either by area or type of work, so they can be carried out at a reduced cost, helping our repairs budget go further. 

Examples of planned repairs:

  • Repairs to rendering or brickwork
  • Larger plastering jobs
  • Renewal of guttering
  • Replacement sinks, baths, wash basins and toilets
  • Window replacement
  • Replacement of external doors
  • Repairs to paths and drives
  • Repairs/replacements to roofs/chimneys (where there is no leak) We aim to carry out repairs as quickly and efficiently as we can and ensure the work is completed with minimal disruption.