To report a repair online, please complete a report using the pictures below. Please do not report emergency repairs online, call 01933 411 400. We will text you with an appointment on the next working day.

Repair Priorities

For information about our repair priorities please click here

Cancelling/Rebooking appointments

Please be at home for your appointment. If you are unable to be there contact us as soon as possible on 01933 411400 to re-book.

Please ensure that you advise us at least 24 hours before the appointment and no later than 4 hours before.

Missed appointments

If you are not at home at the time of a pre-booked appointment with one of our contractors, the contractor will notify us and we will attempt to contact you. If we are unable to contact you then you will be charged a missed appointment fee of £50.

Missed appointments will not be re-booked until the £50 charge has been paid.